Get a letter before action that the other side take seriously

For £49.99 our legal team will review your case, and write a letter before action for you


Our customers typically get back  £1000+

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How to write a letter before action

The hard way (without us)


download a template that might not work for your issue


waste weeks waiting for the other side to reply


worry about accidentally undermining your case

How to write a letter before action

The easy way (with us)


get a letter that is tailor-made to solve your issue


ensure the other side prioritise sorting out your complaint


avoid accidentally undermining your case


How it works


Give us some details about your complaint or dispute


Only pay our fee if we get your money back


Send the letter to the other side


Review your personalised letter before claim

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Frequently asked questions

What is a letter before action?

A letter before action is a formal document that you use to warn the other side you are about to take legal action. The great thing about a letter before action is that, if you write it well, it can persuade the other side to urgently prioritise giving your money back. After all - most people are extremely keen to avoid having to go to court.

Why do I need a letter before action?

Well a letter before action can do two things: 1. Serve as a final warning to the other side 2. Be the first step in actually taking legal action. If you're using it for the latter, then failing to send a letter before action might mean that the court decide to penalise you at a hearing and order you to pay some of the other side's legal costs.

What happens if your letter before action doesn't work?

The problem with any dispute, is that you never know what the other side will decide to do. Sometimes they'll choose to be reasonable and pay up straight away. Other times they will dig their heels in. If that does happen, then we can help escalate the dispute further by starting a Money Claim Online, and inviting the other side to free mediation provided by the County Court.

Can you help me if i've already sent a letter?

If you've tried sending a letter before action and it hasn't worked, then all is not lost. You can register your dispute with our online complaint resolution service, and we'll escalate the issue for you. We're confident that it works, so much so, that we'll pay you interest for every day that it takes us to resolve the problem.

Do I need to pay for a letter before action?

Definitely not! We offer our service because we know that some people prefer to get tailored support, rather then work it out for themselves. We're confident our service works well, which is why we charge by result only, but there are plently of free options out there too.

Should I use a letter before action template?

If you want to write a letter before action by yourself, then a template can work well. But just remember, if you're trying to persuade the other side to pay quite a significant sum of money, it should look really professional and clearly demonstrate you know what you're talking about. We offer our letter before action service because we think that a personalised version, that's written by a lawyer actually gets your money back much more quickly.