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The specialists in non-court resolutions to small claims

From mediation to litigation, we've got you covered

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Start for free or jump straight in and get your dispute sorted

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Works well when:

You're not sure whether legal action is for you

You want to try mediation and negotiation first

You want to try us out for free


Works well when:

You've been chasing the other side for months

You're worried about the costs of going to court

You want some more intensive, paid support


We love solving the disputes that most people hate dealing with

Mediators & lawyers

We've got an unusual mix of seasoned negotiators, mediators and lawyers

Payment by result

Our exclusive focus is on issues worth up to £10,000, so your dispute will be a top priority for us

Court as a last resort

We've got a variety of techniques to persuade the other side that a pre-trial settlement is the best approach

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Types of problems we can help with

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Faulty product

When you feel that you're being ripped off over something you bought

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Poor service

When you've paid for a service that didn't live up to expectations

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Lending money

When you need someone to pay you back but don't want to burn bridges

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Unpaid invoice

When you've done some work, but the client doesn't want to pay

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Small businesses

When you've got problems with suppliers or the council

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Defending yourself

When you feel like you're being chased for something you don't owe