Welcome to The 7-Day Settlement

A free programme
to help you fix a complaint, dispute or legal problem

Get a coach to help you win what you're owed, without having to go to court

We're the specialists in affordable resolutions to smaller claims

Principled negotiation

The programme is based on techniques used by world-class negotiators

Led by a coach

When you join, you'll get a real life "dispute resolution" coach to help you on your way

Overseen by a legal team

If your dispute involves anything legal, then our team are on hand to give you free advice


Not sure it will work for you?

Take just 2-3 minutes and find out if we've dealt with a problem like yours before


Quicker, cheaper and friendlier than using a lawyer

No unfair compromises

We won't ever ask you to accept a compromise that is less than what you are entitled to

Keeps things civil

We focus on keeping a good working relationship with the other side

Court as a last resort

If you decide that you need to take legal action, we'll help you understand your options




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