A free 7-Day programme to help you fix a complaint, dispute or legal problem

Get a coach to help you win what you're owed, without having to go to court

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A new way to resolve even the smallest of disputes

Backed by experts

The technical term for what we do is "alternative dispute resolution", and it's backed by Citizens Advice

Completely free

We've spent decades as qualified mediators and solicitors and now we're passing on everything we've learned

Extra support if you need it

The majority of people decide they don't need anything more than the 7 days. But we can help with more support too 


"I had tried everything to get a refund for the car I bought, but the dealer just wouldn't listen.


With The Justice Community's help, I persuaded him to pay up within 5 days"

Brandon, Member

Disputes we can help with

Consumer rights

When you feel that you're being ripped off over something you bought



When you're struggling to get paid for the work you've done

Lending money

When you need someone to pay you back but don't want to burn bridges



When you've got problems with suppliers or the council



When you're dealing with a landlord or getting a deposit back

Defending yourself

When you feel like you're being chased for something you don't owe