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Legal support to help people fairly settle disputes, using court as a last resort

 How we can help.


"Last chance to avoid court" assessment

We use 20 years of dispute resolution expertise to see if there's an alternative to getting our members what they're owed

Dedicated coaching and representation for each member

Each member gets a dedicated coach who helps them through the dispute resolution process. We also can cover the costs of representation

Funding for court fees, and a settlement guarantee

If the other side refuse to offer a fair settlement, we cover our members' legal costs and guarantee a pay-out for their case

Fees that are only charged if we get a settlement

We never charge a fee that is more than 20% what we help our members to win. If we don't help them win anything, then they pay nothing at all

"I thought there was no other option than to wait 12 months to have my case heard in court.


The Justice Community helped me to settle my case, without having to give up what I was owed"

Arash, joined Jul '20

 How it works.


You refer

You spend 5-10 minutes telling us a bit about the case


We assess

We check the information you've given us to see if we can offer our support


Client decides

We offer our support, and hopefully the individual chooses to work with us


Outcome tracked

We report anonymised success metrics back to Citizens Advice

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