The 7-Day Settlement

A free programme
to help you fix a complaint, dispute or legal problem

Get a coach to help you win what you're owed, without having to go to court


A dedicated coach

Helps you stay on track and answers your questions

A legal team

Can help with any legal advice that might be needed

A step-by-step guide

Shows you the best way to get your dispute resolved

We think it's the quickest way to get a dispute resolved

No unfair compromises

We won't ever ask you to accept a compromise that is less than what you are entitled to

Keeps things civil

We focus on keeping a good working relationship with the other side

Court as a last resort

If you decide that you need to take legal action, we'll help you understand your options

Not sure it will work for you?

Take just 2-3 minutes and find out if we've dealt with a problem like yours before




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